MATRx plus

Dynamic At-Home Sleep Tests


The MATRx plus is an easy-to-use, FDA-cleared device that conducts at-home sleep tests to diagnose if you have sleep apnea and let you know if an oral appliance will be an effective treatment.

After completing the MATRx plus test, we will know:

  • If you have sleep apnea;

  • If oral appliance therapy is right for you and the ideal jaw position for your custom fit appliance; or

  • If your sleep apnea cannot be effectively treated with an oral appliance, before you invest time and money in a therapy that won’t work

MATRx plus at Home Test – What to Expect

How is the MATRx plus test different than other home sleep apnea tests?
If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, MATRx plus is the only test that can predict if your sleep apnea will be effectively treated with an oral appliance and the position to set your mandible. This means you will be able to start effective therapy, faster.

What should I expect on the night of my MATRx plus test? You will need to wear a small monitor around your waist and attach sensors to your body. The sensors record airflow in and out of your nose, your breathing pattern, snoring, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and the position you sleep in (i.e. on your back, side or stomach). You will also place temporary dental trays in your mouth. These trays will be connected to a small motor that will move your lower jaw slowly and in small increments through the night to keep your airway open.

How many hours do I have to sleep to do the MATRx plus test? We recommend that you plan to sleep for 7 hours, which includes the time it takes you to fall asleep and any time that you may have to pause the study (i.e. when you get out of bed).

I grind my teeth, and wear a bruxism appliance. Can I still do the MATRx plus test? Yes, however you cannot wear this appliance during the sleep study.

I wear an orthodontic retainer each night. Can I wear it during the MATRx plus test? You can wear it during a Sleep Study with the MATRx plus, but not during the Theragnostic Sleep Study. During the Theragnostic Sleep Study, the temporary MATRx plus titration trays need to be placed firmly on your teeth in preparation.

I’m a mouth breather. Can I still do the MATRx plus test or use an oral appliance? Yes, if you can breathe comfortably through your nose in a supine position (i.e. lying on your back).

How does the MATRx plus tell if you have
sleep apnea and what happens next?

Visit 1

You’ve been Diagnosed
with Sleep Apnea

  • Book an at-home MATRx plus test with us
  • Interactive videos and tablet software will guide you through sensor set-up and tips for a successful sleep study

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Start your Treatment
Right Away

  • We review your test results and develop your personal oral appliance treatment plan
  • We scan your mouth and order a customized oral appliance

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Enjoy Many Good
Nights of Sleep
  • Custom oral appliance arrives! We will fit the appliance to make sure it’s comfortable
  • Effective treatment starts now – no extra visits required

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Follow-up Test

  • Within 60-days, book a follow-up sleep study to confirm the treatment is working

Do you experience any symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

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